Scotland sets new energy targets

Scotland sets new energy targets

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In Scotland, another 15,000 homes will be powered bywind energy. L'wind power plant that made it possible to achieve this goal is the Little Raith Wind Farm of Fife. The wind farm is located 20 kilometers from Edinburgh and, thanks to the plant's activity, the United Kingdom will be able to persevere in its goal of clean electricity able to meet 15% of the total electricity needs, the target is set by 2020 and is part of the European Union 202020 Program.

The UK's goal is not Scotland's only ambition. Fife County has decided to reduce the rate by 25 percent greenhouse gas emissions. A panacea for the environment if you think that the goal is set for next 2013!

The wind farm Little Raith Wind Farm has recently entered full business. It is owned by the Kennedy Renewables and is the protagonist of the debut installation of the 2.75 MW GE platform. The project, now fully operational, strengthens the presence of GE which this year celebrates 10 years in the sector ofwind energy with 28GW of installed capacity e 18,500 wind turbines worldwide.

Exactly, thewind power plant Little Raith of Fife, will be able to meet the energy needs of 15,400 homes. It is made up of 9 wind turbines with a hub 85 meters high, a height that reaches 126 meters with the maximum extension of the wind blade. The overall capacity is approximately 25 MW. According to an estimate made by the BWEA, thanks toclean energy produced at Little Raith Wind Farm in Fife, the atmosphere will save 762,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Scotland's green expectations are not limited to wanting to cut back CO2 emissions. The Scottish government proposes a new energy target and Alex Salamond, Prime Minister of Scotland, has announced a pretentious goal: to satisfy 50% of the country's energy demand with renewables. The statement was made during the last energy sector conference. For now, estimates released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change have shown that Scotland has all it takes to make it. It currently satisfies 35% of energy needs by exploiting renewables.



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