The 3D printer that makes cookies

The 3D printer that makes cookies

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That oven smell, the toasting and the fragrance of the freshly baked biscuit ... who doesn't like it? TO Christmas, in every family, there is someone who prepares delicious themed cookies. Prepare the cookies during the holidays it is a universal tradition and they are used cookie cutters so as to create edible saplings, gingerbread men, stars, hearts to munch on. The cookie cutters, so useful and expensive, they can be put aside. Someone has decided to make one digital breakthrough to preparation of biscuits.

In the era of Web 2.0, tablets and smartphones, the cookie cutters they can remain closed in drawers. The designer Ralf Holleis recently presented his Christmas idea, a 3D printer which can be used to make extremely elaborate biscuits, perfect snacks, with the most advanced shapes and obtained in the blink of an eye ... cookie cutters!

If you thought the future of 3D printers was bound to the hi-tech sector, you were very wrong. The 3D printers could play a crucial role in numerous sectors, that gastronomic included. Finally someone has started play with the 3D food. Sure, you can't print a steak, but simple baked goods might be the right step to break the ice!

There 3D printer used by Holleis was programmed to create spiral ring shaped cookies. The programs used were those of 3D imaging. The cartridges of the printer were loaded with a cookie mix. Once the 3D printer starts working, the biscuit mix gives life to perfect shapes. At the end of processing, the tray should be put in the oven and when cooked, the cookies can be further decorated or simply ... devoured! With the 3D printing the use of the dough is optimized. In the work of designer Holleis there was no room for waste.

Don't miss the video uploaded by Ralf Holleis on vimeo:

3D PRINTED CHRISTMAS COOKIES from Ralf Holleis on Vimeo.

Video: 3d printer making cookies (June 2022).


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