Bugatti TypeZero

Bugatti TypeZero

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Who does not know the Bugatti? French car manufacturer, most famous for its sport cars by features extreme, fast, aerodynamic, aggressive and… luxurious! In 1920, riding the wave of success was the Bugatti Type 35, the car that managed to collect more than 1,000 victories. The French designer Marc Devauze was inspired by the Bugatti Type 35 to elaborate aelectric car noteworthy.

Marc Devauze's project was nicknamed Bugatti TypeZero, it's about a electric supercar which has managed to kidnap the soul of the Bugatti Type 35, giving it a modern and dynamic look. Marc Devauze is keen to emphasize that the interior of the Bugatti TypeZero faithfully respects those of the old ones racing car complete with a bucket seat that extends with the body of the vehicle.

It is true that the interiors are faithful to those of aracing car vintage but there are some goodies: on the side there are displays that show the charging status of the batteries and other info. L'auto electria has been designed to provide the driver with all on-board information, the user can monitor the vehicle through an intelligent interface and can manage the same interior layout.

L'car is pushed by a electric motor with traction present on each of the four wheels. The engine is powered by large capacity removable batteries. It is unlikely that a concept of the genre can be transformed into a real car but the mere presence of the project can delight fans of the sector.

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