Caribbean. Geothermal energy coming

Caribbean. Geothermal energy coming

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When it comes to electric energy the Caribbean is not so well placed, in this area wind and sun could be better exploited. Almost all of the Caribbean's energy needs are met by power plants a fossil fuels and some hydroelectric power stations. In the Caribbean context, Jamaica is no exception… for now. The largest is about to be built in Jamaica geothermal system of all the Caribbean.

Krishna Vasawani is a geographer but above all he is a businessman. He decided to focus his investments on building a geothermal power plant worth 15 million dollars. It will be the greatest geothermal system of all the Caribbean.

According to estimates by JPS, Jamaica's largest electricity supplier, steam power plants represent Jamaica's main energy resource. L'geothermal system which will be set up will have an electricity generation capacity of 15 MW.

The cost of electricity obtained from the central geothermal it will be much more beneficial! Estimates predict a price ranging from a low of $ 0.09 per kWh to a maximum of $ 0.15 per kWh. A decidedly affordable cost given that electricity made from fossil fuels costs approximately $ 0.40 per kWh!

The businessman, Krishna Vaswani, did his calculations well and claims that investing ingeothermal energy it will give excellent profits. "In just six minutes of electrical generation, we would have produced 12,000 dollars ", if Krishna Vaswani's estimate is correct, invest in a geothermal system it could be the best solution in a difficult economic environment like the Jamaican one.

For Jamaica it would be an undisputed victory: Jamaica imports the fossil fuels while the heat necessary forgeothermal system it has no cost. Furthermore, the price ofgeothermal energy it is not bound to the peaks of the fuels: electricity plays an important role in the production of goods and services in Jamaica, in this way there will be no more fluctuations and peaks in the bill!

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