The personal hydrogen helicopter

The personal hydrogen helicopter

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Let's imagine how it could be one of the most classic conversations in history:
A. "Can you pick me up?"
B. "Of course, at 21.00 I'm with you!"
A. "Please, get off a little before Saturday night is chaos"
B. "No, don't worry ... I'm coming by helicopter, I've just filled up with hydrogen ..."

It is called Dragonfly and is a very environmentally friendly helicopter for personal use: the only exhaust gas it produces is water vapor. The Dragonfly helicopter, to ensure flight, uses two simple components, hydrogen peroxide (very common hydrogen peroxide) and a catalyst.

On board there are two tanks for the storage of "fuel", hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide reacts with the catalyst to generate the energy required to activate the engines. The helicopter rotor has two small motors at its ends.

The engines are 8 inches long and can generate 102 horsepower. L'Dragonfly hydrogen helicopter it can reach a speed of 100 knots. Hydrogen peroxide is diluted approximately 50-70 percent and, when it reacts with the catalyst, the only exhaust gas produced is simply water vapor, none harmful emission! No greenhouse gases released into the environment.

The helicopter weighs only 99 kilograms and is capable of carrying a large load. It was designed by Ricardo Cavalcanti of Avimech which produces and markets this kind of aviation vehicles. Dragonfly has passed all aviation tests, including those for vibrations.

If you want to make our introductory dialogue your daily reality, you will be pleased to know that a versio of the Dragonfly is already on sale with pre-order. How much is this hydrogen helicopter? $ 120,000. The cost of fuel is almost negligible: a gallon of hydrogen peroxide (3.8 liters) diluted to 70 percent, costs about 4 dollars.

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