National Forgotten Railways Day

National Forgotten Railways Day

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There National Day of the Forgotten Railways takes place Sunday 3 March 2013 with a series of events throughout Italy. The initiative is organized by Confederation of Sweet Mobility (COMFORTABLE) to which the most important environmental associations, sustainable mobility, promotion of railway tourism, of the journey and of the protection of the Italian landscape belong, among these the Italian Federation of Friends of the Bicycle FIAB.

On the railway website (at the bottom you will find the link) you can scroll through the list of events organized region by region and maybe decide to participate in the one you like best. Sunday 3 March 2013 is the sixth edition of a day that realizes the social objective of CO.MO.DO: a national soft mobility network.

Today, just as the train returns as a protagonist in the world of transport in Europe and in the emerging powers of Asia (and is also used again by the ruling class), the infrastructural patrimony constituted by the minor railway network again risks abandonment and neglect.

This is not so much because we continue to delude ourselves, as half a century ago, that road transport is the panacea for all problems (the bus, in particular, has proved to be a losing alternative to rail), but because now public finance crisis and the consequent downsizing of the welfare state they suggest the disengagement of the public hand from the peripheral services considered, wrongly, less important. Forgetting that the secondary network should be the indispensable complement to theHigh speed to reach all the provincial capitals.

"Without to forget - as I stressed Albano Marcarini of CO.MO.DO on the occasion of the national conference in February - that even the railway grounds that have been abandoned for too long and difficult to restore for the passage of the train, in the future can be converted into splendid cycle and pedestrian paths with great benefits for soft mobility and the enhancement of the territory, as has already happened in various areas of Italy ".

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